Choosing the right home staging course

Dear Reader,

I started in home staging way, way back in 2005. Back then there were hardly any home staging courses available, and if you wanted to be a home stager you kinda just had to figure it out on your own. There were some seminars you could go to, but it wasn’t nearly as easy back then as it is now to get trained in home staging.

Nowadays there are class you can attend in person as well as a plethora of online options. The prices are mostly pretty high so you will want to do your research. More on that in a second, but first I want to dispel some myths that exist in the world of home staging training.

Yes you can be a home stager without taking an official course. You definitely don’t need to take a course, but I can tell you truthfully that it will get you up to speed a lot quicker, and you may learn some tricks and tips that would have taken you years to figure out. You can get a from-the-ground-up education that will teach you everything you need to know, from how to actually do the staging, to marketing, invoicing, furniture rental, and all that good stuff that might get you feeling a little overwhelmed at first. You do figure things out though, with or without a course.

Having said that, there are some very smart marketers out there in the world of home staging training. They will want you to think that taking their course is the only way you can succeed, and that just isn’t the case. The decision is entirely yours.

Certification is not required. You don’t need anyone’s “home staging certification” – there is no certification necessary in the field.

Home staging isn’t regulated in any way. Certifications vary depending on which staging school you have chosen, and there simply is no industry-wide agreement on what constitutes actually being “certified” in home staging, unlike other professions that have actual set requirements.

Some new home stagers have found that being certified gives them confidence – in case a client or agent actually asks them about their credentials, they can say yes they have such-and-such certification from ABC Home Staging School. In my experience this question is not often asked, however.

In this business, it’s your portfolio that will get start getting you jobs. You need good before and after photos a heck of a lot more than you need a certification.

If you’re set on taking a course, I would encourage you to call up their office and talk to them. Ask some questions and see how you like the interaction. How will they treat you once you’re a student? Do you get a good vibe? Don’t skip this step.

Have a great time starting your business, whichever route you take. Have fun!


Amy M.

P.S. You will see Staging Diva ads on this site. ┬áDebra Gould is extremely smart and her program can save you a lot of time as you get started. She’ll teach you things you could eventually figure out, but she’ll get you going using her smart, savvy business, staging, and marketing know-how.

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